Jonathan is a very skilled and professional RMT. You can sense his dedication to high levels of service and that he really loves what he does. I see Jonathan regularly to keep my body in great working order. His hands are skilled and comfortable to experience. I can highly recommend Jonathan to any athlete, active person or anyone else who just wants to feel great!

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

I play squash 3-4 times per week.  Squash is a demanding game as it requires a lot of stops, starts and lunges. My body takes a beating as I play 2-3 games per night 3 times per week. I was in a lot of pain as my calves were tight and my hips just didn’t feel right.

Recently, I made it to the Club championships with 300 players for the 35+ category, C Division, D division and Doubles. I had been playing the best squash in years but my body was in pain every night. I went to see Jonathan to see if he can help me. I believe in Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Massage Therapists. I see them regularly and I make use of all my health benefits.

However, my chiropractor wasn’t getting her usual results and my massage therapist wasn’t addressing the right areas on my body. So I decided to call Jonathan. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing he is. It was mere minutes before I felt better. Once I got home I noticed a real difference. While watching my favourite TV show, I could feel the pain go away.

The day of my championship games, Jonathan made sure my muscles were alert and did an invigorating massage.  It was amazing. I felt awake and energized. I highly recommend to go see Jonathan. He did an assessment, asked several questions. Once he had a handle on my issues he quickly went to work. He is amazing!!  He has a gift and he has a customer for life!

Steve Ramoul

I suffer from spondylolysis, a separation of the small boney arch in the back of the spine between the facet joints. For many many years I have tried a variety of therapies and interventions all of which were helpful superficially, but never seemed to give me sustained relief. One month ago, I went to visit Jonathan at his clinic. In one hour he thoroughly assessed my alignment issues and was able to use certain techniques that immediately changed the way I was holding my posture. But more importantly, I was pain free! Jonathan’s skills and uncanny intuitive approach is a winning combination!

Chari S