Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is a unique profession blending aspects of Physiotherapy, fitness training, emergency care and sport equipment manager under the umbrella of sport medicine. Athletic Therapists are highly trained professionals specializing in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic injuries, as well as a host of other related conditions.

Athletic Therapists are the profession of choice when a touring national team requires medical support, they are also the frontline medical person for professional sports teams. While other professions have their strengths, specialties and place in the sport medicine team, Athletic Therapists encapsulate virtually everything that an athlete will require. This well honed instinct for well-being of the athlete is easily re-purposed for the needs of those with an active lifestyle and even the sedentary individual. For many, the Athletic Therapist’s aptitude for returning the patient to “active duty”, so to speak, rather than just for “daily living”, make them the medical professional of choice when they experience an injury.

While Athletic Therapists are frequently field side, poolside or in the training room, many of use choose to work in a clinic with allied health care professionals. In this environment I have found my home as a professional and have done so since 1998. I have been blessed with colleagues whose professionalism and quality of care are exemplary and with whom I have had an outstanding synergistic relationship.

While Athletic Therapists are trained in a host of electrical modalities typically associated with rehabilitation (Ultra Sound etc) I have focused my practice on manual therapy. This hands-on approach ensures I am “in touch” with the patient on many levels, it allows me to sense the change in body tissues and reassures the patient that I am indeed attentive to them. Treatment sessions are usually 60 minutes which ensures that an assessment (when needed) and a thorough rehabilitation session are provided. When required to facilitate a brisker return to activity and to protect the injury, I am trained to apply prophylactic and support techniques such as taping and tensor bandages.

As my client you can expect to receive a comprehensive assessment which will include a thorough history.  The mechanism of injury will be determined whether it’s a lifestyle / postural issue or a one time event. This is imperative to understand the cause of complaint and ensures that your recovery is complete and, whenever possible, prevented from recurring.

I pride myself on understanding fully the “hows and whys” of a condition, and will take the time to ensure this is incorporated in your recovery. My training in sport medicine has equipped me to fine-tune this process to your own individual needs. You can expect a compassionate approach, with the passion of someone who lives and loves their work.

In my capacity of an Athletic Therapist I have provided therapy with teams locally at sporting events, and on four occasions on tour: Masters Track and Field, (Durban South Africa 1997, Gateshead England in 1999); World Ice Hockey Championships (Sofia Bulgaria, 1997) and Maccabi Games (Israel 2013). On numerous occasions I have presented on a host of topics relating to sport medicine and orthopedics at conventions across Canada, and also as a featured speaker in South Africa and USA.

Athletic Therapy has provided me with the comprehensive knowledge as the consummate health care professional. As a recognized contributor by my peers as a leader and educator, I am ready to share with those who require my services.

Athletic Therapists are certified and regulated by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association